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Iceball (founded by Greasemonkey AKA mari_kiri)

Iceball is a wonderfull undertaking started by GM. Desgined as an open source alternative to AoS, I must sadly say that it never experienced a larger playerbase than the BnS forums, not even the actual in game community. It is my goal to get a large percentage of BnS to make the switch to Iceball. I am commited to this goal to the very end. I will do my best to make sure Iceball becomes a major game, perhaps to the point of a Steam greenlight, and will not stop untill iceball has at least a population similar to the old AoS.

Long Live Open Source Spades.

download page

VXW (VoxelWar, by Lecom)

sadly, lecom stopped developement of VXW about 4-5 months ago. the BnS page can be found here (lecom prefers you to comment there) and the supercool nerds one can be found here (lecom prefers you to link references there, as it is much neater) sadly, all of my files and works concerning VXW were lost due to my having to wipe my hard drive (another story for another time), however, both sites contain download links and severaly people have made mods for it, mainly the people in the thread.
Please, Please, Please release the source for VXW, lecom. We need it.